About Us

     The Newark Gospel Tabernacle has serves the greater Newark community for over half a century. We are a church whose aim has always been to minister Jesus' Gospel of the Kingdom to people of all ages, ethnic and national origins.

     Our corporate worship services are celebrations that bring us into God's presence. In addition to our vibrant music, we always expect and welcome the contemporary operation of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit as described in I Corinthians Chapter 12.


God's Word, Prayer, Worship, Community &  Building Relationships,
Holy Living, Serving, Evangelism & Discipleship








  ♦  To be a sign of God’s presence in the city and a progressive revelation of Jesus Christ’s Kingship 
      over the nations.


  ♦ Restoring and preserving our historic landmark, the Stanley Theatre over the next five years. 
     This project creates a multi-functional facility housing The Newark Gospel Tabernacle and the Stanley Center for the Arts
     and Culture (SCAC).

 ♦ Pursuing economic freedom for our community through education and development.

♦ Promoting healthy social and cultural change in our community through strategic outreach  
   initiatives. The activities are focused on the strengths and resiliance of the people of our community. 

♦ Partnering with like-minded ministries and organizations locally, nationally and internationally to   
   make visible the present Kiingdom of God on Earth.


. . . about our Father’s business